Kim Pettengill

Strategic Partner-Ignition Business Advisors-Business Coach/Advisor
Zamar Turner at DeltaPoint Partners

Kim Pettengill

Strategic Partner-Ignition Business Advisors-Business Coach/Advisor

Ignition Business Advisors

Who I Am + What I do at DeltaPoint Partners

Service We Provide

Our goal is to help you get what you want out of your business, while helping your business reach its full potential by providing a unique strategy focused on your goals and values. 

We offer a full range of coaching and consulting services, as well as a variety of financial services, to help you reach this potential. We have a specialty in capital funding which can connect you with loans or investors, throughout North America, to help you remain properly funded for your future

How We Help Our Clients

I work with business owners to expand their market presence and build their businesses to be profitable, scalable, sustainable, and personally fulfilling.  I have spent my career working with small and mid-sized companies and their owners who are focused on developing new markets, building revenue, and increasing brand loyalty.

My experience in finance, sales, marketing, and human resources provide me with insight into many different aspects of a business. My communication skills allow me to be persuasive, proactive and responsive to internal and external client needs.  I am a leader and mentor who enthusiastically motivates others with a strong intuitive understanding of team cohesion and interpersonal relations. I am highly motivated to bring value-added service to every company owner.

Why I Do What I Do

I thrive on helping others, and to help a small business mature into a successful and thriving business is the best motivation I can think of to live a life of purpose.

How I Spend My Free Time

I enjoy travelling and spending time with family and friends.  I love to ski and I spend a few weeks out west each winter fulfilling that dream!

We are not just coaches and consultants.

We are seasoned business executives who get into the trenches with you.