3 Key Steps to Write a Supplier Capabilities Document that Wins Business


If you have decided that the brave new world of private sector supplier diversity is the right opportunity to greatly scale up your business right now…Congratulations!

This direction and journey is being embraced by more SD/VOBs and diverse owned business for many reasons, especially this one:

Corporate America buys far more stuff for far more money with far less bureaucracy and red tape than the Government!

One of the very first most important steps you will want to take is developing and perfecting a private sector friendly Capability Statement that resonates with the supplier diversity departments of the Fortune 5,000.

Whether you are preparing to write your first or fiftieth Capability Statement, here are our Top 3 Tips for putting a winning document together.

  1. Make it brief, readable, and visually appealing:
  • Your Capability Statement should brief (1 to at most 2 pages is best) and to the point.
  • Make it visually interesting and include your logo and graphic elements that reflect your brand.
  • Use of photographs and captions
  • Use short sentences and bulleted bolded lists for quick visual scanning.
  • The final document should be in PDF format.
  1. Organize it in 5 key sections:
    • Core Competencies & Capabilities
    • Unique Selling Proposition and Guarantee
    • Differentiators (facilities, equipment, processes, etc.)
    • Past Performance
    • Corporate Vitals (revenue, number of employees, industry codes, certifications, etc.)
    • Contact Information (name, email, phone)
  1. Specifically Tailored to fit your audience:

Just like a resume, you should customize it to fit each specific prospect company you want to do business with.  For example, if you are a landscaping company targeting an opportunity with a retail property management company, you will want to share your specific competencies and successes in that particular marketplace.

Your Capability Statement is the single most important tool and the golden key to building relationship with important decision-makers in private sector contracting.    Remember, this is a document that will most likely be scanned rather than read word-for-word, so make sure you use words that resonates with your buyers…no fluff!

Want more tips on writing a winning Capability Statement?  Contact us today!